Thinking About Giving Up..?

Thinking About Giving Up..?

What should you do when you feel like giving up?

By DadBodybuilding

1.Bend but don’t break

2.Bring someone along with you

3.Seek motivation or inspiration

4.Reaffirm your promise to yourself

5.Think how you felt in the past when you quit

6.Your Why

It’s tough taking on new goals and sticking to the plan. When you find yourself in a mood of wanting to give up or completely quit, you need solid tactics to pull you back. It’s completely natural to contemplate giving up on something when things are difficult. We all have those thoughts! However, the difference maker is being able to acknowledge the negative thoughts, but still push forward. 

When you are getting down on yourself, contemplating giving up, or need some guidance to stay the course – remember these 6 tips.

Bend don’t break

It’s OK to take some time during your workouts to rest and gain your composure. It’s OK to take a day or two away from the gym for some you time. It’s OK to indulge in your favorite meal, go out with your significant other, or have a night of drinks. All of this is OK – just don’t make it a habit.

It’s actually very good for your mental health to bend a little from time to time. The pressure of a new goal can be at times overwhelming. Holding yourself to strict guidelines 100% of the time can lead to burn out both mentally and physically. So yes, bend a little at times. But don’t break.     

Bring someone along with you

Going through something new or being on a difficult road with the intention of bettering yourself is tough. But you don’t have to do it alone. Bring someone along with you. Ask a family member, friend, or accountability partner to walk with you each step of the journey.

Having someone that understands your journey and can do it with you is such a great asset. You will get so much positive energy from leaning on them and using them to keep you on track. Additionally, you will get a boost in morale and a sense of accomplishment by also helping someone else accomplish similar goals while being someone they too can count on.  

Seek Inspiration

We all have someone and/or something that we can pull inspiration from. It may be physique you admire, a friend that overcame tremendous obstacles, or even an improved version of yourself that you visualize.

Finding outlets to inspire you will keep you interested, focused, and committed throughout your journey. You can use anything to inspire you. When you find your muse, visit it, visualize it, and tap into it every day. This is so important. Every day, a couple of times a day, channel your inspiration and use it to fuel you.

Reaffirm your promise to yourself

It’s funny that we as humans will typically go through more anguish to keep a promise to others; we also tend to be harder on ourselves if we break promises to others. There is something admirable to keep your word to others. But why do the feelings and personal responsibility pale when it comes to keeping a promise to yourself.

Sit down, pull out a pen and paper, and write down your promise to yourself. That’s right, write it down. Write it down several times and read it over and over. Internalize it. Respect it. A promise to yourself should be taken seriously and should not be broken so easily. The promises you make to yourself should be seen as sacred.

Revisit the past

We have all done it before. We’ve all set out to do something and for whatever reason, we stopped. We quit.

I want you to do revisit that moment when you decided to quit something. How did you feel at that moment? Think about the feelings that were on your heart. Think about the “reasons” you told yourself you must quit. Then think about how you feel today after quitting what you started. Think about the progress you would have made and how far you would have come, had you not given up. Trust me, you don’t want to feel like that again. Look, you already know what giving up feels like. Now it’s time to see what persevering and accomplishing something feels like.

Your Why
The most important tip to not quit on your journey is to remember your WHY. The reason(s) you started this journey of health & fitness in the first place. You will have different reasons for your WHY. But the one that we can all agree on is those little humans that you’re raising. Your children are a big WHY. They need you. They are counting on you. They are looking up to you and following your example.

Focus on your health & fitness so that you give yourself the best opportunity, to be around for your children and be a part of all the beautiful experiences that come along with fatherhood. Every time you are considering cheating on your diet; every time you are considering skipping your workout; every time you are looking for an excuse to give up; visualize your children, visualize your WHY.

In good health,

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