How To Choose The Right Diet Plan

How To Choose The Right Diet Plan

How To Choose The Right Diet Plan

By DadBodybuilding

As we approach the spring and summer months, there’s a good chance that you’ve said something like,

“Well, summer is coming up, I better start this diet and workout again” to yourself.

Look, everyone wants to be at the beach or pool with a drink in hand, sunglasses on, laidback, and shirt off – feeling undeniably confident! To achieve this, you must make a lifestyle change and start eating healthier – or in other words – get on a diet.

These days, there are so many new diets and weight loss fads, which makes going on a diet a confusing and even an intimidating process. So to help simplify things in terms of which diet is the best for you – let’s go over 4 key considerations before choosing a diet program.

Commitment level

If you have been living an unhealthy lifestyle for a while – anything over 6 months – then

jumping into any diet will be a shock. However, the difficulty of the diet will need to be considered against your level of commitment.

Meaning, if you’re of the mindset that you’re just going to see where this diet thing goes… or I’ll give it a try for a few weeks and see how I feel…

Then you’re not very committed. Now, because you’re not fully committed yet, I’d recommend that you do not choose a diet that is drastically different from your current normal diet.

Example: Your current eating habits consist of red meat and pork 5-6 times per week. I would suggest you don’t jump into a vegan diet plan.

It may sound good on paper, but if you’re not fully committed, you will simply end up spinning your wheels and wasting your time. For the above-mentioned eating habits, it may be a better choice to start with a Keto diet plan or flexible diet plan.


Your family situation really does contribute to the success of your diet. What you need to consider are several things:

Do you have kids? A spouse/significant other? Do you attend a lot of family dinners? A lot of family cookouts? Is there always a family party?

These are some of the things that need to be thought through before deciding on what diet will work best for you. Yes, at the end of the day, if you want to be successful on your diet, you need to be strong enough to block out your family’s influence.

However, you also need to be practical and understand your (current) weak points and mindset limitations.

With Kids and frequent family gatherings, it can be really challenging to stick to a diet that is very restrictive and forces you to cut out or avoid several foods.


It’s important to think about the type of lifestyle you’re currently living and also the lifestyle you would be living, once you start a diet plan.

Things to consider: Do you like to be social? Is your schedule typically back-to-back with no scheduled meal times? Does your job keep you active or are you sitting all day? Do you cook most of your meals or do you frequently eat out?

Some diets require a lot of prior prep work that can be very time-consuming. Some diets require you to cook all your own meals. Some diets require you to only eat a select group of foods. Some diets can be very expensive.

Think about how your lifestyle will play a role in your diet and what adjustments will need to be made to be successful.

Food preferences

This is a big one because if you don’t inherently like the food you’re eating, then more than likely you’re not going to be successful on any diet.

Let’s keep this simple, if you like red meat and poultry then a vegetarian or vegan diet may not work for you in the long run. If you don’t eat seafood then a pescatarian diet may not be right for you. If you get grossed out by the thought of eating animal flesh then you may not want to do Keto or Paleo.

This is advice to help you stick to a diet long enough to actually reach your goals or at least see significant progress. This isn’t to say that you can’t step out of your comfort zone and start any one of these diets. You can definitely do that!

However, just understand that starting any diet already brings many mental and physical challenges. Hence why it’s important, to be honest with yourself and really figure out the best diet for you. Considering the above tips will help you start on the right path with your new diet plan.

In good health,

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