Fasted vs Fed Cardio – Which is Best for You?

Fasted vs Fed Cardio – Which is Best for You?

By: DadBodybuilding

Fasted Cardio vs. Fed Cardio
Is it good or bad to work out on an empty stomach? This question has been disputed for quite some time now. Some people are able to train hard and really push themselves on an empty stomach. While others, simply can’t endure an intense cardio session without having processed food in their body. So, when doing cardio, which state is the most optimal for burning fat: fasted or fed cardio?

Fasted Cardio Overview
A common way to burn fat fast is doing cardiovascular training, first thing in the morning. Training on an empty stomach allows your hormones to trigger assisting shedding fat. Your body generates insulin to assist with absorbing essential nutrients from the food you eat. Eating food prior to the workout could make you resistant to the effects of the insulin, which could potentially make it harder to burn as much fat.

During your workout, sipping on branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) during this kind of training will assist in possible muscle loss. While you’re sleeping, your body conserves its stored carbohydrates. During your morning fasted workout, your body will actually use stored fat for energy.

Performing fasted cardio in the morning can be a great way to ensure that you get a workout in before your day gets too busy. Getting up and doing cardio in the morning is a sure-fire way to not miss a workout, considering all of the variables that could potentially derail your plans for an evening workout.

Fed Cardio Overview
Eating food prior to training gives your body energy and fuel with protein and carbs, allowing you to push yourself more and train longer. An important benefit of fed cardio is the preservation of muscle. Fasted cardio results in losing double the amount of nitrogen opposed to eating prior to the workout.

Another issue with fasted training is it blunts EPOC or excess post exercise oxygen consumption. This is the amount of calories shed or burned post workout. Eating prior to your workout has been proven to enhance your EPOC, subsequently allowing you to burn calories well after your workout is complete.

Overall, research has shown that there is no difference in the amount of fat loss when comparing fasted vs fed cardio. The best way to decide which one is right for you, should come down to a couple of factors. Choose the option that you physically feel the best performing consistently and that also fits your daily schedule.

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