About Me

I’m Coach Matlock and I specialize in inspiring, motivating, and pushing people to accomplish their health & fitness goals.

I know how important it is to you to be healthy & fit – to feel confident in your skin – and to have the energy to play with your kids. At 24, the doctor told me that I had high blood pressure and that my bad cholesterol levels (LDL-C) were too high. I was devastated.

I was 24, a former competitive multiple sport athlete, and had a great physique. Then, in what seemed like an overnight change – I was overweight, had bodily health issues, and was very insecure about my body. Let’s not leave out, I also had poor stamina and no energy. I relied on 5 cups of coffee to sustain my energy throughout the day. This was definitively a wakeup call.

At this point, I needed to make a serious change and make living a healthier lifestyle the top priority in my life. I decided to rededicate myself to health & fitness. I had to make a drastic change for myself and my family.

Thankfully, I’ve spent the last 10 years pushing myself to become an overall healthier and better version of myself. While along the way, also coaching others on their personal health & fitness journey.

Trust me. I understand your struggle. Most people can’t find it in them to push themselves enough to get the results they truly want. You want to, you really do, but you have other obligations that are keeping you from making your health & fitness a priority. You don’t know how to balance everything, what you need to do to reach your goals, or even how to start, finish, and maintain the results you truly want.

That’s OK. That is my job to guide through the process.

I know the struggles you face as a Dad and it’s inspired me to develop a dynamic strength training and intense cardio program, specifically focused on the life of an everyday Dad. Dads need a program that is efficient and challenging, easy to follow with detailed tutorials, and teaches how to effectively diet, while enjoying a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with your kids and family.

As a Fitness Lifestyle Coach, I’ve worked with Dads who all face different struggles and challenges, that hinder them from reaching their health & fitness goals. But my passion is truly motivating Dads to fall in love with their health & fitness, teaching them how to do it, providing practical guidance along the way, and finding creative ways for them to stay the course, while still crushing their duties as Dad! This isn’t just about you becoming healthy & fit. It’s about your kids that are counting on you to be the active Dad they need.

I know this program will change your life and I’m excited to be a part of your journey. Take the first step by choosing the program that best fits your lifestyle and schedule as a busy Dad.

I truly appreciate you trusting me for your health & fitness goals and I look forward to seeing your amazing transformation.

Coach Matlock